UpaDowna is a Colorado Springs based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that fills a need within the outdoor community to educate and promote adventure for all ages and abilities which include folks looking towards either an introduction to the outdoors or an advancement on presently held skills. UpaDowna’s vision includes keeping true to its core by retaining a focus on our traditions but also by expanding the outdoor gear and product review section as well as developing classes and adventures from day hikes to expeditions throughout Colorado. UpaDowna is here to break down the barriers to a fulfilling and exciting life of adventure.

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Having flown the earth for millions of years, dragonflies are creatures connected to water. Through its metamorphosis, the dragonfly is a symbol of transformation and adaptability in life. As the energy within that sees all of our true potential, dragonflies remind us that anything is possible. Connect with your strength, courage and happiness, and take your yoga practice outdoors to the water with Dragonfly Paddle Yoga. Enjoy the movement of water beneath the board, the warmth of the sun's rays above, the caress of the mountain breeze on your skin, birds navigating the sky and the brilliant colors of nature all around you. Practicing yoga on water adds an extra element of challenge for balance yet is a deeply rewarding experience. At the end of each class, lay in tranquility during savasana while being guided through a relaxing meditation. Leave class feeling renewed and balanced, plus nourished by your deeper connection with the natural world.

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