About Yoga & Brews, LLC

Welcome to our Yoga & Brews community, where our love for yoga and local, craft beer unites. We are excited to have you join us for practice and a brew or two.

Our studio is a Colorado brewery. Our post-class refreshment is a beer. We welcome all level yogis and beer tasting experiences to our community. Relax its only yoga & beer, nothing too serious. Building the beer loving community one class, one beer at a time.

We like to talk about Yoga & Brews as the combination of things that make us feel good. Feel-good, non-intimidating, all-levels, fun yoga. Local, craft brews, enjoyed in the breweries that passionately make them. And a welcoming community of like minded individuals to gather with friends, new and old.

The idea for this unique concept all started over a couple beers on the porch one summer evening between good friends, and we began classes in September 2015 at Gold Camp Brewing Company. We now host a class almost every day of the week in the Colorado Springs.

Our teachers are all at least 200-hour Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) and were hand-selected as Yoga & Brews teachers based on their passion for life and yoga. Leading classes with a light-hearted approach. No matter what teacher you practice with you are sure to sweat, have some fun, and earn your beer. The fantastic breweries we practice in embody the values of Yoga & Brews and provide the space for the beer loving yoga community to feel welcome and comfortable being in. And our tribe of yogis, well, they are amazing and the sort of people that you'll want to be friends with.

We would love to have you join us!

Yoga & Brews Family

Melanie Kuhn-Reynolds

Meet Melanie, Founder/RYT-200

Melanie came to yoga in 2013 and immediately noticed how yoga was transforming her life in mind, body and spirit. She was inspired to guide others toward finding their own balance. Melanie's classes are fun and challenging with a dose of philosophy and poetry. Expect to laugh, sweat and maybe learn something new.

When she is not in the studio, Melanie enjoys spending time with her friends and family in the outdoors hiking, snowboarding, riding dirt bikes, and gardening.

In addition to her 200 hr yoga certification thru Yoga Alliance. In the Fall of 2016, Melanie also completed her 300 hr Yoga Therapy Training thru Inner Peace Yoga Therapy.

Get your sweat on, laugh, and have some fun with Melanie!

Katrina Swanson

Meet Katrina - RYT 200

Katrina's first yoga class was when her mom was pregnant with her. During her pregnancy, she had the sudden urge to try yoga. Growing up, Katrina was exposed to yoga while her mom was an Iyengar teacher, and this created a foundation rooted in alignment. In college, Katrina dove into her own personal practice and fell in love with Vinyasa. In 2015, she studied at Twist Yoga School in Edmonds, WA to receive her 200 hr RYT. Since then she has taught yoga along the West Coast and has been mentored by Goldie Graham, top 100 most influential yoga teachers. Katrina is now settled in Colorado Springs with her husband, offering private yoga, occasional public classes, and leading international yoga retreats. Katrina also practices as a certified Hormonal Health coach. She helps women in their 20's and 30's find hormonal balance & connect to their cycle.

* Katrina is currently sub teacher for classes as needed.
Ari bio pic

Meet Ari - RYT 200

Ari began to practice yoga in 2016, shortly after moving to Colorado, and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program at Cambio Yoga in March 2018. Ari's classes are designed with the goal of students walking away having learned something, with a special focus on how to look beyond the physical asanas, and take the practices of yoga off the mat. Ari's belief is that being able to do full splits or nail a handstand probably won't help you get through the stresses life can bring, but focused breathing or meditation techniques sure might! Ari seeks to always emphasize the sensation of poses over physical appearance of poses, thus allowing students with any level of mobility, ability, or experience to feel welcome as well as benefit from the practice.
When she is not teaching or practicing, Ari works full-time as a speech therapist. Ari believes that communication is one of the most fundamental things humans do, and seeks to honor all communication in her work and her yoga classes. Yoga allows communication channels to open so practitioners can become more attuned to their true selves and interact more authentically with the world. Yoga for Ari began with the physical benefits of an asana practice, but she was quickly captivated by the deeper benefits - clarity, calmness, and self-acceptance she strives to share with  clients, patients, and yoga students.
* Ari is currently sub teacher for classes as needed.
Christine Malmborg Yoga Classes

Meet Christine


When you have a moment, will you correct my designation in my profile to “E-RYT 200, YACEP”.

Christine began her path of self-exploration and self-discovery through the practices of yoga in 2005. She completed her 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in 2009. She teaches multiple formats including Hot Yoga (Bikram 26 Poses), Power Vinyasa Yoga, Paddle Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. She also leads workshops and retreats. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with the Yoga Alliance and has lead over a dozen Yoga Teacher Training programs in Colorado and Alaska. Her home studio is Hot on Yoga in Colorado Springs where she is the Program Director and deeply involved in building a vibrant and inclusive yoga community. Christine also teaches Paddleboard Yoga in Monument and Colorado Springs, CO through her business Dragonfly Paddle Yoga.

Being of service to her students is what makes Christine’s spirit come alive – she can find no greater join than in sharing the transformative power of yoga. Her strong following of committed yogis describe Christine as encouraging and caring with an infectious enthusiasm. Christine approaches her teaching with a playful spirituality and strives to teach with compassion, humor, inspiration and wisdom. Her goal for her students is to leave class feeling empowered, invigorated and connected with themselves in a deeper way.

* Christine currently subs Yoga & Brews Classes


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